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 1<!-- Scatter v0.1 | (c) Peter Boughton | License: LGPLv3 | -->
 2<!doctype html><meta charset=utf-8 />
 3<title>Scatter Demos</title>
 5<h1>Scatter Demos</h1>
 6<p>Scatter is designed to be simple yet versatile. The demos provided here
 7show how features can be used together and what can be achieved.
 9<p>The demos use a mix of Scatter options with custom CSS and JavaScript to
10provide the different effects - this is the way Scatter is designed to work:
11as a solid core of functionality from which you pick and choose whatever
12is needed to create the effect you are after.
15	<li><a href="./polaroids.html">Polaroids</a> - all options default, using CSS to style items as polaroid photos with captions.
16	<li><a href="./slides.html">Slides</a> - shows grid mode, limiting rotation, and using next/prev navigation functions.
17	<li><a href="./mobile.html">Mobile</a> - gives an example of how to detect swipe left/right to trigger navigation.
18	<li><a href="./cards.html">Cards</a> - shows random mode and overriding the transform style to flip cards.
19	<li><a href="./stars.html">Stars</a> - uses fixed mode with predefined positions to transition through constellations.
22<p>All of the demos are self-contained - none of them use any additional resources beyond scatter.js,
23and the entire demo code for each one is available by using View Source.
26	body
27	{
28		font-family:sans-serif;
29		background:#CCC;
30	}