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* Version:       0.4
* License:       LGPLv3
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cfRegex is a project to provide a complete set of regex functionality
for CFML, with an aim to make regex a first-class feature which is
easy for everyone to use.

It provides a Regex object, cfregex tag, and a selection of functions,
all designed to be used instead of the existing regex functions.

For full details of what is provided see docs.pdf for documentation.


cfRegex will run on any JVM-based CFML engine that supports CFCs, including:

* Lucee 5.3 and above.
* ColdFusion 9 and above.
* OpenBD 2.x and above.
* Railo / Lucee 4.x

A minimum JRE/JDK version of 8 is recommended.

cfRegex requires the ability to create Java objects, which may be
disabled on some shared hosting.

Licensing & Credits

This project is available under the terms of the LGPLv3 license.
See license.txt to understand your rights and obligations.

cfRegex is created and maintained by Peter Boughton.


This project aims to provide a complete set of regex functionality for CFML.

Bug fixes, backwards-compatible improvements and additions are welcome,
but please discuss first (either raise an issue or send an email).

Changes are accepted as either pull requests or patch files.