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 Lucee on Jetty
-* Version:       0.6
+* Version:       0.7
 * License:       LGPLv3
 * Homepage:
 * Documentation:
-* Repository:
+* Repository:
 * Issues:
-Lucee on Jetty is a project offering a Lucee package that is easy to use and
-provides a fully functional & capable web server, whilst also documenting how
-everything has been done so it can be understood and adapted as needed.
+Lucee on Jetty is a project to provide:
+* a Jetty module for running the Lucee CFML engine
+* sensible defaults configured for Lucee and Jetty
+* documentation of what has been configured and why
+* a reference guide for how to perform common tasks
 This repository contains the template for bundling Lucee with Jetty. It uses
 Jetty's home/base functionality to simplify the process and avoid the need to
-modify the Jetty files.
+modify the Jetty files, and uses a module to keep Lucee configuration discrete.
-How to build
-The build directory contains a bash build script, but the basic process is:
+Lucee on Jetty bundles are built with a Bash script.
+Whilst the resulting bundle requires a JVM to run, the build process does not.
-  1. cp src -> {target}
-  2. unzip -> {target}/jetty-home
-  3. cp lucee-X.jar -> {target}/modules/lucee/lib
-  4. update versions in {target}/README.TXT
-  5. zip {target}
+Thus, the minimum requirements are GNU Bash and GNU Coreutils (or compatible).
-That's all there is to it.
+Git is the easiest way to obtain the lucee.jetty-module submodule.
+If not already installed, these are available via your package manager.
+(Windows users can install Git for Windows to obtain all of these.)
-Lucee on Jetty is a project created and maintained by Peter Boughton, licensed
-under the LGPLv3, aside from the documentation and wiki which is CC BY-SA v4.0.
+Getting Started
+It is not required to build Lucee on Jetty yourself - if all you want 
+is to run Lucee on Jetty, you can download a pre-built package from
+If `lucee.jetty-module` directory is empty, either run `git submodule update`
+to have Git download the files; or manually download and copy them from
+Run `build/ --help` to see the various options and example usage.
+Licensing & Credits
+This project is available under the terms of the LGPLv3 license.
+See license.txt to understand your rights and obligations.
+Lucee on Jetty is created and maintained by Peter Boughton.
 This repository does not contain Lucee or Jetty themselves; these have their
 own licenses (Lucee: LGPLv2; Jetty: Apache License 2.0 or EPLv2).
+This project was created to provide a ready-to-run Lucee package for 
+anyone who prefers Jetty to Tomcat
+Contributions are welcome, but please discuss first (either by 
+raising an issue or sending an email).
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